Canine Good Citizen Certificate

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Volunteers and Friends of Karl’s Kids Program, Inc. who are AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluators will evaluate at no charge Assistance Dogs or those being owner trained. Owner will still need to send in $8.00 and copy of evaluation to the American Kennel Club if they wish their dog to be added to the AKC Rolls and to receive a Certificate. CGC tags and patches are available for purchase through the AKC.

Documentation will need to be shown to evaluator.

  • This can be Certification from an Assistance/Service Dog Program – certification of any sort from an Internet source is not acceptable.
  • Training logs
  • Note from Dr. stating that individual is disabled (under ADA definition) and that he/she believes a SD would be beneficial. There is no need to state what the individual’s disability is. Plus note from vet that in their opinion the dog is suitable for the work in both health and temperament. (Both of these should be a  part of the records kept by any owner training their own dog.) These documents will only be looked at and not be kept by the evaluator.

Currently evaluations are being offered by:

Putnam County, FL — Theresa A. Jennings



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