Civil Rights Violations and State Statute Violations Dealing with SD laws …

A local law enforcement officer can arrest and transport to jail a violator of their State Statutes if their state has such a SD statute. Some states do not. If the state does, then it is an easy matter for dispatch to verify Statute for onsite officer. Officer also has computer access/state statute book to verify statute # etc. for reports and arrest mittimus. All of this is reviewed as part of paperwork going to judge for First Appearance with copies going to other agencies.

Federal violations are handled (arrest and transport) via Fed. Marshall’s office or other Fed. agency though a Federal Inmate can be temp. housed at a county jail for a specific reason such as attending Fed. court in local area or between transport legs.

Violations of ADA (non-violent offense) are handled mainly through the Dept. of Justice investigation and mitigation departments and if deemed necessary by the DOJ will go into a higher court legal system.

Off topic of ADA level Civil Rights — When individuals saw scenes of violence and arrests based on Civil Rights violations (such as was going on in the 50’s and 60’s) they were witnessing the involvement of the Fed. Marshall’s Office and FBI with backup from locals because of State Statutes against such acts of violence. At times when the need arose, the National Guard was also called out by their State Governor as they are a state level organization. This level of reaction is not brought about by an access dispute of a SD team going into a grocery store, restaurant, or other place of business.

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