Hope’s Angels

Many thanks to the Donors and Sponsors who make Hope’s Legacy and my future possible:

Adora Lanphere

Alan & Kathy Thompson

Alix Amar

Amy Caes

Betty Schmitz

Bob Frey

Bob Hawkins

Bonnie Goren

Brigadoon Service Dogs

Carol Oliver

Catherine Hennings

Cheryl Kelly

Cloud City Coffee

Darci Kleindl

Dave Svab

David Folweiler

Gretchen’s Place

Holton Dickson

Jenell Thompson

Jessica Burke

Joni Casady

Jonimay S Peterson

Karen L Berg

Karl’s Kids, ADAP

Katherine Bailey

Kathryn Fedor

Kay Klein

Kenneth Told

Kimberly Mathai

Kirsten Richards

Kristin Johnsen

Lauren Strauss

Linda James

Lokesh Mathur

Mark Perry

Mary Bell

Mary Shevlin

Matt West

Mehri Dollard

Microsoft Giving Campaign

Pat Arizzl

Pat Mandell

Patricia Lewis

Rebecca J. Thomas

Rich Kaplan

Robert Bieshaar

Sabrina L. Powers

Sarah Hartman

Sean O’Kelly

Sheena Walter

Starbucks Corp.

Steve Balch

Susan Paskvan

Suzan Morris

Tami Thompson

Terry Langstrum

Theresa Jennings

Yvonne Schreck


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