I Spy…

I spy with my little eyes, something that is BIG

A new Domino photo on Brigadoon’s Website!!

It’s been FOREVER since I have seen this pup. Apparently he is HUGE now!!! He is also full-blown teen!!! Denise is sure he will grow out of it, but I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a visit in March.

I owe everyone an update. I have a new solo exhibit up and No Boundaries, where I have two pieces exhibited, has moved to another location. I also have more prints to post, financial news, and other things to sell!. Too much is happening!!! All good things!!

It just made my Valentine’s Day to see a new photo!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!!

3 thoughts on “I Spy…

  1. He looks like he is growing into a nice sturdy fellow. Hope you are able to have a March visit and of course take lots of new pictures. Also, looking forward to reading updates on this boy. I am also hoping that the day comes that I can meet Domino in person.

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