No Boundaries 2012: ‘Memories &Visions’

Over the last year I’ve been focused on just getting by after the loss of Hope. Along with my grief and limited ability to get out in the world, the arts program I utilized for my professional development closed its doors. For many months I was in an artistic funk, avoiding even the simple act of free drawing. Without this printmaking project to memorialize my Hope and fund-raise for my future I am unsure if I would have had the gumption to dive back into the creative process.

Up until now I have been singularly focused on creating my Hope prints for this fundraiser. Pulling 200 prints can get tedious. Before this my editions have been 10 max. I’m taking a break for several reasons, and during this time I’ve found myself going through my old art pieces. Many hold memories. Looking at them now I have a different perspective–removed from the anguished hours staring at and working on the piece. I noted my strengths, challenges and actually enjoyed viewing my works.

I just got the Call for Art for the 20th Anniversary No Boundaries show, a year long traveling exhibit featuring artists with disabilities. The theme this year: Memories&Visions. How perfect for where I am in my life! I submit 3 images and write a statement about my process and how they fit the theme. Along with a Hope Springs Eternal print, I am submitting two more I thought I’d share with you here:

Scar Tissue, Mixed Media on Canvas


 Scar Tissue: The process of life leaves us all with wounds be it physical or emotional. These wounds become scars -marks upon our body and soul- carried on us for the rest of our life. We can see these scars as imperfections… flaws. Or they can be seen as signs of healing… the strength within us to continue on. This image of a heart cut into pieces and then stitched back together asks us “Isn’t scar tissue stronger than ordinary skin?”  Our scars are a mark of our strength and with acceptance, become a symbol of our unique beauty.


Journey: In connecting with nature I find the opportunity to reflect—where I have been, who I am now, where I am going. It is not about the destination, but the journey –the cycle of life nature knows well. To emulate this process of reflection, this landscape is drawn and water-colored over a map as a backdrop. The map of time led us to our current destination, but it is our choice what road to travel on the next leg of our journey.

Journey, Mixed Media on Board

I’m interested to discover which of these three the jury chooses for this exhibit. Of course there is no guarantee any will be picked, but I have been quite successful in this show in the past, even selected as the cover artist in the past so I think I will do ok.

Regardless, this is a big step back into the process. I also have two coffee shop exhibits lined up for the future, so things are moving in the right direction!

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