One of our activities in ADAP is fundraising for our general expenses. These expenses include: having the ability to send donated items to someone who has a need, educational materials to hand out at talks or at our information booths, paying for booth space for educational purposes.

We also have a listing of people who we help through fundraising or donation efforts. See our Clients Page.

ADAP in partnership with Service Dog Central is currently working toward promoting within individual states new statutes to do away with businesses that sell *certification and ID* sight unseen and without documentation showing training, temperament, and suitability of a dog to be worked in public as an Assistance Dog.

ADAP offers free CGC evaluations for Assistance Dogs or for those in training in limited areas.

ADAP works with and for PWDs and their Assistance Dogs in preparing for emergencies and evacuations.

Our newest activity is a YouTube Channel and loaning video cameras to enable our clients to make a record of training their current dogs (additional tasks) and dogs in training. Also to make videos to help clients fund raise and to promote Assistance Dogs.


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