What is the Assistance Dog Advocacy Project

The Assistance Dog Advocacy Project (ADAP) is a project of Karl’s Kids Program, Inc. a non-profit registered through the state of Florida. We are also a 501(c)(3) public charity. To find out more about Karl’s Kids visit our corporate website at Karl’s Kids Program, Inc.

The purpose of the Assistance Dog Advocacy Project is to educate the community and people with disabilities on assistance dogs. ADAP also works with other organizations to advocate for assistance dogs and their handlers. ADAP is different than some advocacy groups as we educate all sides on their legal rights. We try to promote education as the way to solve any problems that may arise on housing, work, and public access in the community.

ADAP works closely with Service Dog Central (website and forum) on several of our activities.   Service Dog Central

Kirsten Richards, the founder and owner of Service Dog Central, sits on the Board of Directors of Karl’s Kids Program, Inc. and is the Director of the Assistance Dog Advocacy Project.

Day to day activities of ADAP are under the guidance of Theresa A. Jennings, Founder and Executive Director of Karl’s Kids Program, Inc.

Jessica Thompson is the Fundraising Chairman for ADAP.

The ADAP Advisory Board consists of Kirsten Richards, Theresa A. Jennings, Jessica Thompson along with other volunteers of ADAP. The majority of the Advisory Board and other volunteers of ADAP are themselves people with disabilities and part of an assistance dog team.


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