Welcome to Workndog’s Blogs for Working Dogs


This site hosts a collection of blogs from various people with disabilities who are fundraising either to provide care to an existing service dog, or to pay for a new one. It is a joint project of the Assistance Dog Advocacy Project of Karl’s Kids Program, Inc., a 501(c)3 public charity, and Service Dog Central, an online community of service dog partners.

Each blog owner is responsible for the content and operation of his or her own blog.

Participants in this program must meet eligibility criteria to establish that they are disabled and are prepared to provide appropriate care for a service dog. Donations received on each participant’s behalf is carefully recorded in that participant’s account and will be used only for that participant unless the donor specifies in their donation that excess funds may be transferred to another program participant if they are not needed by the original participant. Otherwise, excess funds will be returned to the original donor.

Collected donations are paid directly to the program providing the dog, or to the vendor (such as a veterinarian) providing the services and not to the participant themselves, unless the fundraiser specifies that funds are for maintenance of an existing service dog, such as for food or other supplies.

We also collect weight circles from Purina pet food products. These weight circles are combined and turned in to Purina in exchange for coupons that distributed to program participants in need of assistance purchasing food for their service dog. Weight circles can be mailed to

Karl’s Kids Program, Inc.
P.O. Box 1989
Interlachen, FL 32148

General donations marked “service dog” will be applied to individual client accounts on a needs basis. Donations marked “ADAP” will be used either for advocacy (such as educational handouts about service dogs) or to sponsor a service dog partnership as needed.